Thursday 19 December 2013

Scale It Back

It isn't much of a step back from the soundscapes of Burial to those of Josh Davis.

A couple of years ago DJ Shadow released an album which I sat on for a while. Didn't sit down and listen to it for quite a while. I had been slightly disappointed by his previous album, The Outsider, which had it's moments but overall it didn't really do that much for me. The Less You Know, The Better is a bit similar for me it didn't really hold my attention and it took me quite a few attempts to get through to the end and it hasn't been played very much since.

This track Scale It Back is the best track on it for me and what a great track it is to even though it sounds a bit like a Prince pastiche.  I absolutely love the vocals from Yukimi Nagano the singer with Swedish electronic band Little Dragon. The track was released as a single but not as a 7" much to my displeasure.

DJ Shadow feat. Little Dragon - Scale It Back

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