Monday 30 December 2013

Coincidence? Most Probably

If someone had told me a couple of years ago that a track nearly half a century old by a septuagenarian jazz vocalist would be used to advertise baby milk, I would not have believed them. But then again I never ever thought that I would hear Frank Wilson selling chicken or Al Wilson being used to endorse pish masquerading as wine.

So what do I know?

Only this, that Nancy Wilson (is there something about that surname that lends itself to advertising?) has a wonderful voice and also that (You Don't Know) How Glad I Am is a great song. If you were to press me extremely hard I might even admit that the advert in which the song is utilised to great effect makes me smile but don't tell anyone that is just between us.

Nancy Wilson - (You Don't Know) How Glad I Am

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george said...

It is great song. I think that it is further evidence that people of our age group are in positions of influence, hence the use of this song in advert, the use of Etta James in another ad.