Friday 14 January 2011

It's Friday . . . Let's Get Back To Normality

Firstly thanks to everyone who left a comment on the previous post each and every one was appreciated. To anonymous who accuses me of “stroking my ego”, I genuinely don’t believe that was my intention. I really was in two minds about the blog and whether it was worth the effort. I will not lie and say that I didn’t feel better about the blog and myself after reading the comments but that wasn’t why I wrote the post.

Anyway I am going to persevere but I don’t think that I will be posting every day and will definitely not be doing so for the rest of this month or next as work commitments are bloody hellish until the end of February.

As it is Friday I thought that I could see if I can flog a dead horse some more and continue with the dance theme for some time yet. There are a good few hundred 12 inch singles of varying quality that I haven’t posted yet and I may even post a couple of trancey things that I discovered nestling away in the shelves over the festering period.

But first up, is a track that I have posted before,  way back in the early days of the blog in February 2009.

I have read in a few places that some people think of Plastikman’s Spastik as a DJ tool to be dropped in now and again throughout a set and indeed the first time I heard the track a certain Mr. Weatherall was doing just that teasing out the percussive beats in and around a couple of other tracks to great effect. I,  however feel that this is doing the record an injustice and love to listen to it in its entirety loud. 

For a minimal record comprising wholly of synthetic drum sounds there is a hell of  lot to listen to and I never get bored of it as I’m continually waiting for what will happen next and the moment at about 6 minutes 20 when the bass drum kicks in gets me every time. 

A true techno classic first released as a 12” single in October 1993 and spawned quite a few below par imitations.

I know that a lot of  people think of this kind of sound  as soul free,  joy less music but I love it and I think to feel that about the record means that there must be some soul in those icy, manmade beats somewhere.

Plastikman is the main alias of Canadian techno legend Ritchie Hawtin who started off in 1990 under the moniker of F.U.S.E. on Plus 8 Records which was started up by Hawtin and fellow techno bod John Acquaviva. Plus 8 would go on to release the Plastikman output as well as influential releases by the likes of Speedy J and Kenny Larkin and was synonymous with the sound of Detroit Techno.


Plastikman - Spastik


Ctelblog said...

Good to have you back.

Anonymous said...

Great. You're back in the room. Glad to have you back.


swiss adam said...

Glad you're back Drew.

ANCB said...

And back with a bang!

Rol said...

I missed your earlier post (till now) because I'm behind on my blog reading, but I'm glad you're not giving up. As others commented, blog reading as a whole has gone down in the last year, but those who stick with it still value this intriguing little community and it'd be a shame to lose another stalwart contributor. More power to you!

Scott said...

Good to see you back Drew.