Sunday 30 January 2011

Bill Is Dead

We haven't had anything from the mighty Fall for a while. Here is a track that finds Mark and the gruppe in a reflective mood. This track is from the 1990 release, Extricate the first album released after Brix Smith left.

The Fall - Bill Is Dead


Simon said...

Love that album, was a regular on the office stereo when I worked at the Virgin Megastore around that time. Telephone Thing was a big fave with us, especially those guys who were Peel loving indie kids; they were allowed to dance now!

George said...

It's hard to go wrong with The Fall isn't it? I rememebr when this was released thinking, and still do, that it's a terrific album.

Ctelblog said...

"It's hard to go wrong with The Fall isn't it?"

I shall assume that was rhetorical.

drew said...

Now, now Ctel.

George - live can be a bit hit or miss as I found out last April.

Simon - Telephone Thing is brilliant.

davyh said...

This is the track I play to people who say they hate The Fall. Some even like it.