Wednesday, 20 July 2016

The Witch

I've got a bit of a mental few days coming up, down south, in the north east, if you get me. Not my favourite place after they all decided to vote for us to go back "to a past that never was" but enough of all that. Here is a great bit of 60s garage from everybody's favourite band from Tacoma Washington. The Witch was the band's first single released on Etiquette Records in 1964 and backed with the equally brilliant Psycho.

The Sonics - The Witch 

The Sonics - Psycho


Anonymous said...

How far south?

drew said...

Not south of England, I wish it was down the south west, no Darlngton, Stocktn on Tees and Newcastle . South for me.

Brian said...

Writing from Sonics Country. Recent resurgence in these parts because of new album last year. They made the rounds at festivals and in-stores at record shops. Nice to see them get so much love from fans of all ages.