Monday 4 July 2016


I love this tune from the piano intro onwards, it just oozes class. It was released on Ramsel Records out of Chicago  back in 1968. Wade Flemons is probably best remembered as a musician in Earth, Wind and Fire but was active as a solo artist from 1958 until the late 60s. He released a couple of singles which made an impact on the northern scene, Jeanette and That Other Place, Flemons passed in 1993 at the young age of 53. An original copy of Jeanette will set you back in the order of £800.

Wade Flemons - Jeanette


George said...

Splendid track (although not as good as the first one CC posted today)

The Swede said...

Yup, classy indeed.

Brian said...

Going for thirds on this one right now. Outstanding.