Monday 25 July 2016

Take Me For A Little While

I am going to be generous again today as when I was ripping this cover of the Trade Martin song made famous by Evie Sands and Jackie Ross who both released versions in 1965 I flipped it over and played the b-side which I haven't heard for ages and I'm not sure if it was the mood I was in yesterday or what but it blew me away, An absolute stormer of a soul ballad, total,ly different from the a side which is usually interpreted as a slow ballad but which the Mirettes re-interpret as a four to the floor northern dancer, The single was released on Revue label in 1968. If the Mirettes sound familiar that is because they were called the Ikettes but when Ike Turner hired another group of Ikettes, the original trio of Venetta Fields, Robbie Montgomaery and Jessie Smith parted company with Turner sans group name as that belonged to Tina's disagreeable other half.. The changed their name to the Mirettes and after a change of label from Mirwood to Revue had some success with this and another great cover of In The Midnight Hour. They also recorded Let Me Do It under the name of the Belles.

The Mirettes - Take Me For A Little While

The Mirettes - The Real Thing

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The Swede said...

I recognise 'Take Me For a Little While', so I must've heard one of the other versions you mentioned at some point. 'The Real Thing' has a nice 'Go Now' vibe about it. Two terrific tunes. My musical education continues - thanks for posting these.