Thursday 28 July 2016

FSOL Excursions

A few weeks ago I was digging through the Expedit in my office that houses all of the dance 12"s looking for stuff for the Friday feature and I pulled out the half dozen Future Sound of London records that I have there and took them downstairs to give them an airing, well all except Papua New Guinea which gets played more than the rest anyway. What became apparent was that three of these singles wouldn't really fit the Friday dance thing being aimed a bit more at the head than the feet. However I stuck Cascade on and after about a minute an idea started to take hold, this single along with Lifeforms and My Kingdom were supposed to be listened to in their entirety and so I decided to rip them as such as three long form pieces of music rather than chopped into the parts as listed on the record covers.

So here is the first of these epic pieces of music, Cascade from 1993. A lot of this featured on the first Future Sound of London Essential mix if I remember correctly which at the time was a deeply religious experience that totally screwed with my head as no previous essential mixes sounded quite like this. But, anyway back to Cascade, what to say, at the time like the essential mix, it was dance music but not as we knew it, the beats were there, not always 4x4,  the rhythms to but very strange and we were used to weird samples from the Orb and others but not as weird or diverse as on here. I'm not doing a very good job of describing this, it's best if you just listen.

Future Sound Of London  -Cascade (Parts 1 - 5)

Future Sound of London - Cascade (Zipped)

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a wonderful record