Wednesday 27 July 2016

45 Forever

I really enjoy driving in France, especially the Peage with it's lack of traffic jams and roadworks makes it much easier to go long distances without getting stressed out with the exception of when French taxi drivers are blockading bridges and slip roads and you have to do a 100 km detour!  But my favourite thing about driving over there is the distinct lack of nagging that I get for my music. There are no stupid requests for Radio 1 or Woman's Hour on the radio, the rest of the car realise that it is my ipod or nothing.  When away I tend to just leave it on shuffle being pleasantly surprised by some of the choices and making mental notes to delete the odd track as well.

45 Forever was one of the tracks that the Touch selected on our recent trip to Brittany. A lovely summery indie pop homage to the best format for listening to music. I sort of remembered buying the single which was a white label with a colourful hand made sleeve but nothing else about the band and so I consulted Discogs. The single was released in 2008, the second of 4 by the band who have also released two albums and are also known as Tanaou,

The All New Adventures of Us - 45 Forever


Snowy said...

More of this..................please!

JC said...

it's a belter of a single......

It's due up at my place in the next few weeks.