Friday 1 July 2016

It's Friday . . . Let's Dance

I had a rather dark slab of acid for today and then I thought, no we need something a bit more uplifting in response to recent events in the UK and I'm Free by the Soup Dragons sprang to mind for some reason but after about 10 seconds I realised that this might send out the wrong message, wrong song right era, Just now I wan't to think back to a time when although we had a Tory government but there was an optimism about the place, people were coming together in a good way full of hope and passion.

It couldn't all have been down to the E could it?

This weekend I will mostly getting ready to go on holiday, as next Tuesday we are off down to Portsmouth to catch the ferry to France, not our usual destination of Gurcon in the Dordogne  but my brother and sister-in-law's holiday home in Brittany which will be different.

Have a good weekend people.

Happy Mondays - Step On (Twistin' My Melon Mix)


Dirk said...

For once Englanders who APPROACH France instead of LEAVING it!

(Sorry, couldn't resist :-))... enjoy your holiday, mate, I'm sure it'll be a gem!!

drew said...

Dirk, I am not an Englander!!!

Dirk said...

Hmmm ... British then? Or are you just ahead of your time with Scotland becoming independent .... again?

JC said...

Schoolboy error Dirk!!!

Made me laugh out loud imagining Drew's face when he read it!!