Tuesday 21 April 2015

Melanie De Biasio

Sometime last year while listening to Gilles Peterson he played a tune by someone that I had never heard of before which stopped me in my tracks. I found out it was by Melanie De Biasio, I was still none the wiser and so consulted the oracle, apparently she was a a Belgian jazz singer and the track came from her first album The Flow released in 2013. The album was duly bought, played a couple of times and then forgotten, not because it wasn't any good but Complete Surrender arrived and took up residency on the turntable.

At the beginning of the year, again courtesy of Gilles Peterson I learned that a remix version of the album was going to be released instigated by Peterson who also remixes one of the tracks. This was also purchased and has caused quite a bit of stylus deterioration over the past couple of months. On the sleeve notes Peterson states that the original album was remix friendly due to it's minimalism and who am I to disagree. What I do know is that the subsequent album is absolutely stunning, the remixes complement the original recording perfectly.

Melanie De Biasio - The Flow (Hex Mix)

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