Wednesday 26 March 2014

Mary's Gun

I'm over in Belfast for a couple of days my third favourite city in the UK after Glasgow and Manchester. I actually look forward to going over the water for work, it was better when Head was still open as it wasn't far from where I stay and was open pretty late so I could waste a bit of time digging through the crates that were scattered up the back of the shop. Now it's the Guinness I look forward to.

Mary's Gun was the second single released by Novella, back in 2012. It was recorded in The Horrors studio and produced by Joshua Third. I'm sure that I read somewhere that it was based upon a story about Mary Weiss, lead vocalist with The Shangri-Las and her habit of carrying a firearm upon her person. That maybe utter nonsense as I can't find any verification for it anywhere but I'm sure I read it somewhere. Anyway, it's a rather good piece of Jesus And The Mary Chain/My Bloody Valentine influenced indie.

Novella - Mary's Gun

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