Wednesday 5 March 2014

It Was A Good Day

You know it's true what they say about money not being able to buy happiness no matter what a certain credit card company would have you believe.

I had one such moment last week. It has been quite a dispiriting and dismal experience being an Airdrie supporter so far this season , defeat after humiliating defeat in a stadium nearly empty and getting emptier each home game. It has been difficult to be positive.  When Willie is nearly ready to leave early you know things are bad. It must have been hellish for Max going to school on a Monday. It is bad enough for him that he doesn't support either of the bigots in Scottish football or Motherwell but with the sustained humpings we were getting it must have been nigh on unbearable.

But over the past six or seven weeks things have been on the up. The team have been playing with more confidence and looking more like a team rather than a bunch of individuals who come together on a Saturday to be humiliated to an ever dwindling audience.

And on Saturday we had one of those days which makes everything worthwhile we soundly thrashed a team that were five places above us in the league. On the way into the game I would have settled for a draw but thought that our unbeaten  spell was coming to an end.  But from the whistle each member of the team  showed a commitment that had been severely lacking over the past year or so. After getting a player sent off Ayr tried every dirty trick in the book to get the better of us but for once they didn't succeed, for once the decisions of the referee went our way and for one of the very few times in the past couple of years we were triumphant.

What made the occasion one to really cherish was the fact that three generations of my family were present as well as Stiff , Willie and their father who have been going for ever. I know that most of you will be thinking so what? But it really was one of those moments that gives you a natural high and the smiles on everyone's faces as we left New Broomfield was priceless. Normal service may well resume in the coming weeks and we could be fighting relegation at the end of the season but on Saturday we all had that euphoric feeling that really is impossible to buy but if you could bottle and sell would make you extremely wealthy.

Hurry On Boys really has nothing to do with this but it is one of those tunes that has that  kind of euphoric feel to it and the Skids are a band that I have always associated with the football although they are from Dunfermline.

The Skids - Hurry On Boys


george said...

Splendid tale Drew. Loved reading it.

dickvandyke said...


Anonymous said...

perfect encapsulation of the highs and frequent lows of a supporter a not always terribly good team (I say that as an ECFC supporter)

Swiss Adam said...

Wish we could beat somebody 3-0.