Thursday 11 August 2011

She Blew A Good Thing

I think that a little more soul is the order of the day and one of the songs responsible for my obsession with northern soul.

She Blew A Good Thing was released in 1966 on the Symbol label and very nearly troubled the US charts, it was released on Decca over here as The American Poets, as there was already a band called the Poets here.

To some this may just be another soul track about a boy losing his girl. But for me the track exudes class,  from the cool lead vocal from Ronnie Lewis, the immaculate harmonies to the unfussy subtle backing track.  One of those tracks that still give me goosebumps although I must have played it a thousand times, well a couple of hundred at least.

The Poets - She Blew A Good Thing

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Anonymous said...

i remember dancing to this track at the twisted wheel in manchester 1969
still love it