Friday 26 August 2011

It's Friday . . . Let's Dance

From the outset the label title said it all "Soma Quality Recordings".

If anybody can find me another independant label as ground breaking and with such consistently high quality over the past twenty years (Warp is a given) I would like to know.

Prior to the release of SOMA-1, Slam were already know as the best dj double act this side of the border starting with their Black Market nights at Fury Murrys then their Atlantis nights at the Sub Club and one offs at the Barrowlands and Strathy Park. The year after they launched Soma records saw them take up occupation of  the Arches in Glasgow which produced some of the best nights that I have ever been to with guest spots from the cream of the world wide djing fraternity.

But coming back to the music, the term "classic" is bandied about far too much these days not least by me but I think that this is a bona fide classic. When thought of now through the haze of too many years, you think that it is very much of it's time but back in 1991 Slam were well ahead of the pack when they released Eterna.

Have a good weekend people.

Slam - Eterna


Anonymous said...

deffo a classic

davyh said...

Greetings from Somerset! I have just enjoyed a fine bottle of Butcombe Bitter - brewed in Bristol and purchased at Yeovil Asda. They had a lot of cider in there, I can tell ya.

Bon weekend Drewster.

drew said...

Good for you have a good holiday. A bottle of bitter Mr H, not a draught pint I notice.

I'm still bloody working!

anto said...

i sent this on to the gang who used to do the do to stuff like this back in the day. i sensed a collective shiver from the response.

there's more digging on your page these days then in your one offa The Saturdays hoop. By that I mean, good, like.

nice one(s)