Wednesday 31 August 2011

Jean's Not Happening

It is quite surprising that a blog named after a Pale Fountains song hasn't had more postings on the music of Michael Head and co.

Here is the taster single released in 1984  for the following year's . . . From Across The Kitchen Table lp. When I listened to the album the other night what struck me was the earnestness of the sound which I think is synonymous with the alternative/ indie bands of the early to mid eighties before the rise of the shambolic sound ushered in by the C86 bands.

Enough pish from me. Just listen to an absolutely brilliant single not quite as good as the follow-up but nearly.

The Pale Fountains - Jean's Not Happening


Simon said...

One of my favourite guitar songs from the 80s, I love it. I was thinking about posting it myself thanks to listening to Shack lately. It's funny how that works with the blogs I follow, there's always some sort of overlap every so often.

Have you listened to The Weeknd albums yet? I think they might just be my albums of the year, for the sound alone if nothing else.

howdoesthatonegoagain said...


Possibly heresy to you but despite this being tremendous I still prefer most things off Pacific Street...

But always great to hear some Michael Head and Co.!


davyh said...

It's quite a bit like 'Kitchen Table' don't you think? Well, the melody and bass in the verses especially.

drew said...

Very similar in all respects Mr H.

Glad to see your back. Friday night was not the same without you, even though I was late.

Hope you had a good holiday and enjoyed your "decent pint". You need to venture up to the dark and distant North sometime and I will educate you on a decent pint.

davyh said...

Thank you. I missed the Friday night log-in too. Popped in here early but nothing doing. Week was splendid; weather, against all odds, ace.

Right. So we'd best get this autumn mother on the road, huh?

Anonymous said...

Marina van Rooy of 'Sly One' fame is in the video for this.