Wednesday 9 February 2011

Midweek Blues

I think that some Northern Soul is in order to dispel the midweek blues, brought on by early mornings and late nights, not through enjoying myself I hasten to add. If you are from Luton I hope you don't take any offence but the town in which you reside is  up there with the most soulless places I have every been and I feel truly sorry for anybody who lives there

A special prize to the person who can tell me why at Luton airport they can't just assign a flight a fucking gate rather to announce it 20 minutes before the flight is due to leave which results in a sprint that resembles Death Race 2000 but without the car for safety?

Here is a track from a split 7" single from Kent that I recently came into possession of. This is as funky as fuck as they say round these parts, and from a guy named Percy.

Percy Wiggins - Call On Me


davyh said...

Luton? Don't knock it. They've given us the English Defence League.


davyh said...