Friday 4 February 2011

It's Friday . . Let's Dance

My favourite period in dance music was from 1988 to about 1993/94. From the acid house sounds until just before progressive house started to disappear up it's own arse and the rise of the superstar trance (big yawn) djs began their world domination.

If there was a more consistent label than Guerilla during the early to mid nineties then I must really have missed something. Cowboy records were patchy, there were some great releases but there were also quite a few so so ones. Sabres of Paradise didn't really release that many but what they did release were mostly excellent. But for consistency over a large number of releases it's got to be Guerilla.

Formed by William Orbit and Dick O'Dell. Right from there first release in 1990,  Bassomatic's In The Realm Of The Senses the direction was clear, dub influenced house music that you could lose yourself in on the dancefloor or just relaxing with a spliff or two at home.

For the next four years artists such as React II Rhythm, DOP, Moody Boyz and FIJ Pierre amongst many others released quality music "for your mind your body and your soul".

If you don't own any Guerilla records and fancy checking out the label, a good place to start would be with the Dub House Disco compilations.

Here is one of my favourite 12" singles from the label by The Drum Club (Lol Hammond and Charlie Hall). Released in 1992 and flogged to death for months by me, U Make Me feel So Good.

The Drum Club - You Make Me Feel So Good (Deep n Hard mix)


Paul Collis said...

That supposed "actual statement from a Nintendo CEO" is in fact a line by the comedian Marcus Brigstocke. Who has never, not even for two and a half minutes on a wet Tuesday afternoon, been CEO of Nintendo.

Anonymous said...

Stuff Nintendo. Great tune.

swiss adam said...

Yep, v good. Big corps should make random people CEO for the odd 2 and a half minutes. Just for fun like.

stevoid said...

Don't forget Spooky,who released some of the most consistently great music on Guerilla.