Saturday 31 July 2010


L is away up north for a hen weekend. A weekend which I'm told will be full of fun and adventure, knowing quite a few of the girlies that are going what that really means is eating far too much, drinking copious amounts of alcohol into the small hours, listening to sentimental guff and rubbishing the superior sex. I heard talk of kayaking on the Tay but knowing my wife, she will be on the bank drink in hand offering not very helpful tips.

Meanwhile the boys and I have turned a fairly tidy house into the scene from some post apocalyptic movie in less than 24 hours! How has this happened? I have no idea, it seems that every time I turn my back the youngest one turns into Taz and before I can turn round again has emptied the entire contents of the kitchen cabinets, or the drawers on the console table in the living room, what the fuck is a console table anyway?

Number one son is so tired out by all this effort that he protested violently to having a bath and is now in the land of nod far too early for my liking. Number 2 son is rather too quiet, busy customising (ruining) his Lego figures on the instructions of some precocious American child on YouTube.

I have resigned myself to spending the rest of the night tidying up, not much on the telly anyway.

This song has been in my head all day, not sure why as it is not a particular favourite of mine, however on listening to it again tonight it is rather good.

SLF - Silver Lining

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