Monday 5 July 2010

Brenda Fassie

First posted on 28/01/2009

Sticking with the downtempo tunes, here is one that I found on one of the better "chillout" compilations Punta del Est Sunset.

Brenda Fassie was famously described as "the Madonna of the townships" by Time Magazine, although I don't think Madonna even at the height of her success had the fanatical following that Fassie achieved . She was outspoken, controversial and had repeated visits to drug rehab during her short life (sound familiar?). She died on 9th May 2004 after 2 weeks in a coma brought on by a cocaine overdose.

I have no idea what the title means or the lyrics to the track are and it doesn't really matter.

Brenda Fassie - Vuli n' Delia ( A Man Called Adam mix)

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Unknown said...

As far as I know, it means "accept the situation". Lovely song!