Monday, 19 July 2010

il pleut

There's no place like home, well no place like the west of Scotland on Fair Monday. From 40 degree sunshine to bucketing down with rain, magic.

I will bore you with my travails on getting to the south west of France later. Now I have to go to Edinburgh to pick up my car which only made it as far as Birmingham!

Here is a song which the iPod decided it rather liked during nous vacances, as it came on when in shuffle mode 5 times over the course of  the fortnight.

Otis Redding - Down In The Valley


davy h said...

Oops, that car thing doesn't sound good...

Welcome home Drewster, you were missed.

Mona said...

...and all that French at school came in handy eh?

swiss adam said...

Welcome home.

Simon said...

Welcome! You still managed to post more than me!

dickvandyke said...

Rechercher vous un umbrella mon ami, et apprécier un pint o heavy (ou 'pinte de lourds').

Content vous revenez dans la maison en le nord menaçant.

Or, as we say in Yorkshire, "Where the fuck have you been?"