Monday, 12 July 2010

Monday, then it's the Mudd Club

We're back in student disco land, 22 years ago (christ almighty, is it really that long ago) with this post.

As I've mentioned before my time of penury and starvation, better known as student life started in Aberdeen in 1987 where I spent my first year, running up a debt that the bosses of HBOS or RBS would have been proud of, dancing and drinking the week away and attending the odd lecture or even more infrequently a tutorial or two.

Monday night was one of the best nights out in the city, well for students at least. The Mudd club held in the local Ritzy was where you went to hear all the latest indie stuff, have a good dance, meet and try to cop off and drink increadibly cheap Furstenberg, which for some reason was always on promotion. As a result the Tuesday was more often than not written off as a bad idea, happy days.

Here are two tracks I remember hearing a lot at the Mudd Club and subsequently purchasing from One Up records in it's original location on Diamond Street.

That Petrol Emotion - Big Decision

Pop Will Eat Itself - Beaver Patrol

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Rol said...

I know it's weird to get emotional over a price sticker, but somehow that image added a little more depth to this post.

Time goes by so quickly...