Sunday, 18 July 2010

One Goodbye In Ten

Shara Nelson is best known for her vocal on one of my top 5 favorite tracks, Unfinished Sympathy. Before this she had released a single as a solo artist and also worked with Jah Wobble and Adrian Sherwood.Unfinished Sympathy wasn't here first collaboration with Daddy Gee, Mushroom and 3-D, she had previously supplied the vocals for their cover of the Bacharach & David's classic The Look Of Love when they were still the Wild Bunch.

The track posted, One Goodbye In Ten was the third single from her first solo album, What Silence Knows and was co-written by Pete Wiggs and Bob Stanley (Saint Etienne). As with Unfinished Sympathy, there are lush strings and a huge sound to the track. It also reminds me of the track Waking With A Stranger which featured here earlier this year.

Shara Nelson - One Goodbye In Ten


Ctelblog said...

Lovely record. Didn't know it waswritten by St Etienne.

Echorich said...

Shara is very special! Aside from Unfinished Sympathy, which I think is among the best tracks of the 1990's, I love Sense of Danger which she collaborated with Charles Webster's Presence. Plaintive, hypnotizing House.