Saturday 27 February 2010

Vive La France and Fuck Murdoch

I feel a rant or two coming on.

Firstly, I was all set to rant about Sleazyjet and how more times than not they are delayed and give some half arsed excuse and that is it. The reason for the rant was that I was stuck at Aldergrove for an extra 3 and a half hours last night due to my flight being delayed, meaning that I had five and a half hours sitting seething. Luckily my Wi-Fi was working ok and Icould fanny about on the net and send emails venting my anger to random lucky people.

When we finally got on the plane the tannoy made that bing bong noise and I awaited with baited breath to hear what nonsense the Captain was going to hit us with, I thought that it would be to do with the shitty weather us up here in the north of Britain are becoming increasingly used to. But no, the pilot informed us that " there are certain things that you can be asurred of, like the onset of spring [not much sign of that round here] and that the French Air Traffic Control will go on strike without warning, when they feel like it". I have to admit that this sort of lightened my mood. I don't quite understand why I felt better knowing that French Air Traffic Control were to blame rather than the incompetence of the orange airline.

You've got to hand it to the French, when they decide to go on strike, they don't just bring France to a standstill but like it to affect as much of Europe and beyond as they possibly can. Do they care? No. But when their strike begins to eat into my weekend and I don't get home until after 11pm on a Friday, I must admit I do not have a great deal of sympathy for what ever the fuck they are striking for.

In other news, I got my first ever Blogger take down notice yesterday and I have to admit I am a little confused.

During my long wait at the airport and after sorting out my emails and finishing off a report (dedicated employee, or what). I thought, I 'll check the blog correspondence, of which, there hasn't been a great deal of, of late but that's by the by. I opended up the hotmail account and found a mail from the manager of Doves, asking me about the withdrawl of the Weatherall mix of Compulsion, so I replied relating the sorry tale to him. After half an hour of checking out the other blogs, I went back into the in box to be confronted with the DMCA takedown notice. Now what is confusing me is that they have not deleted the post but have set it back to draft and state that I can re-post it if I remove the copyright offending material, however the link is dead as have already deleted the file.

I have come to the conclusion that there is fuck all that we can do about these notices as nobody actually looks at the posts that are offending them and just arbitrarily send out the take down notices.

I think that I, like North Country Bhoy may be heading to Wordpress in the near future.

Lastly, everybody needs to sign the 6 Music petition, to try to save the station, which along with the Asian Network looks likely to be axed due to all of the pish about the license fee and the BBC. These stories more often than not are first reported in the Murdoch press or his shitty Sky News channel, that shinning beacon of non partisan broadcasting.

I am totally pissed off with all of the stories about the BBC and the license fee and how our money is being wasted. Okay, that gobshite Jonathan Ross and the cunt known as the saviour of Radio 1 get paid far too much. I will also concede that  Mark Thompson needs to walk or take public transport a lot more and that the senior management need to be investigated. But if you think that you get a better deal for your 40 quid a month for constant repeats and live football, then you are as big a fool as Murdoch takes you for. 

People will only realise the value for money and quality of the output on the BBC, both radio and television , when they no longer have it and all of the news coverage, as an example, is as unbiased and as well informed as Fox News.

Here is a remix from one of my favourite french men, Pilooski as part of Discodeine.

Photonz - Trember (Discodeine mix)

I don't have anything defending the BBC but here is a track from Billy Bragg warning about Murdoch and sadly it is as relevant today as it was twenty six years ago.

Billy Bragg - It Says Here


swiss adam said...

I got a DMCA notice about the David Holmes posts, and removed the links, then republished the posts. 2 days ago they removed the linkless posts as well. WTF? I can't even put up a picture and some writing about Holmes it seems. Bizarre.

Agree entirely about about 6 music.

I'm enjoying tons of Pilooski based stuff at the moment, especially that RVNG of the NRDS vol 10. Genius.

Anonymous said...

Well said that man!