Tuesday 9 February 2010

Sweet Baby

I know nothing about this track apart from the fact that it was released in the states on the Sepia label and I'm guessing here, but it wasn't exactly yesterday. I know nothing about the artist Al Gardner either apart from another track he recorded called Watch Yourself.

It is, however an absolutely cracking piece of soul.

I'm off to Amsterdam with work  for 2 days of coma inducing Power Point presentations,  so no post until Friday which may be late unless I do it tonight

Al Gardner - Sweet Baby


davyh said...

I don't envy you the Death By Powerpoint but still, Amsterdam eh?

That is indeed 'an absolutely cracking piece of soul' - thank you.

Safe return.

Simon said...

Yeah, safe return.

Northern Soul said...

The 'Dam indeed! Be sure to enjoy!

drew said...

The inside of a hotel in Amsterdam Mr H.

davyh said...

Get Tom, Dick and Harry going and the soil running through your trousers in the quad and you'll be fine. Don't eat the 'cake'.

Mondo said...

Hey ho - that is fine and dandy, sort of Billy Prestonish too.

Cheers for the Myron new choon tip too Drew

davyh said...

There's some info about Al Gardner and another terrific track here.