Friday 19 February 2010

it's Friday . . . Let's Dance

By the end of 1987/ the start of 1988, producers and acts over here in the UK got in on the act and started making House music, a lot of the early tracks were innovative in the use of samples, with the likes of Bomb The Bass, M/A/R/R/S and S'Express making truly memorable tracks.

One of my favourite of these early house tracks was House Arrest by Krush. The group were Mark Gamble, Cassius Campbell and vocalist Ruth Joy with producers Mark Brydon and Robert Gordon. Brydon would go on to form Moloko (Fun For Me) with Roisin Murphy and Gordon would go on to be involved with Warp records. Ruth Joy left to pursue a pretty unsuccessful solo career.

House arrest was released on the FON (Fuck Off Nazis) label which they shared with the Age Of Chance. The sleeve of the single was designed, like those of their label mate by the Designer's Republic who would go on to design the Warp artwork as well.

Krush were basically a one hit wonder, with House Arrest eventually reaching number 3 in the UK at the end of 1987. The record, doesn't sound half as dated as I expected it to and conjures memories of Red Stripe and spliffs in the dark, dank basements of hotels, those were the days.

Krush - House Arrest (The Beat Is Law)


Aaron Thomae said...

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Keep up the good work!

Northern Soul said...

Before i listen to it - i cannae remember it at all - i'm certain once it's playing i'll be, 'Oh this, i remember this'...

Swiss Adam said...

Much better than I remembered

Echorich said...

Ahh...the days of Sample House!! Love that time... so many one hit wonders... it was like House music's DIY punk phase!!