Wednesday 3 February 2010

No Apologies

I make absolutely no apologies for posting this, in my defence, however I will cite Gary Mulholland in his forward to his excellent Fear Of Music, the follow up to This Is Uncool.

"Music is a social thing, based almost entirely around dancing, copping-off, drugs that make you love each other, romance and the belief that if you just shake uncontrollably to this beautiful noise in a room full of beautiful people right now, then your lousy job/debtproblems/marriage/friendships/life will simply cease to be. Until the next beautiful noise begins, or the dream ends. This is what pop does for us."

The Sugababes - Push The Button.

Thinking of the Sugababes always reminds me of that episode of Only Fools And Horses where Trigger is talking about having the same brush for years although it had, had 3 new heads and 2 new shafts or something.

Think yourselves lucky I nearly posted Las Ketchup, which I know at least one friend would have approved of.

ps I have no idea if that picture is of the current line up or not. I suspect not. It is easier to keep track of members of the Fall.


Ctelblog said...

No apologies necessary. No, it isn't the latest line up. I prefer 'denial' mesself

davyh said...

One of them seems to be turning black & white: no wonder she had to leave.

Swiss Adam said...

Top song, no need to apologise Drew