Monday 8 February 2010

Copyright Infringement, Again!

If you're looking for the Weatherall mix of Compulsion, don't bother it appears that Heavenly, or Doves or somebody objects to me posting it.

Now I can understand if I'm posting something which is readily available that  may stop people going out and buying the physical product but a single sided promo which by it's very definition, I shouldn't have been paying a tenner for, is another matter. I just don't understand the reasoning here.

Perhaps some one would care to enlighten me. Answers to the usual places.

Any way here is another Weatherall mix for your delectation.

Airstream - Follow Through (Nine O'Clock Drop mix)


Swiss Adam said...

I agree- it's not like its available commercially anywhere is it? Wankers.

Ctelblog said...

They do get stroppy if you post anything recent by D Holmes

Northern Soul said...

I've just had a Stevie Wonder 12" took down - taint even been in friggin' print for 20 years!

feck 'em

Swiss Adam said...

Both my David Holmes posts have been removed tonight. It's a first for me.