Tuesday 16 February 2010

My Love Grows Deeper

Clydie King is probably best known as a session singer for the likes of Bob Dylan, The Rolling Stones and Joe Cocker. Or for her brilliant duet with Jimmy Holliday, Ready, Willing and Able which was released on Minit in 1967.

She did release a string of solo singles during the 60's on Speciality, Philips and Imperial. The track posted was the b side of Missin' My Baby, released on Imperial in 1965 and I think is a far superior track to the plug side, with vocals which sound as if they were recorded half way down a mine shaft which seems to add to the sheer sexiness of the track.

I'm in the middle of reading Wall of Pain, The Life of Phil Spector and am amazed of the amount of artists who recorded for that deeply troubled man. Clydie King was one of those artists who had a brief brush with the Wall Of Sound, as was Gloria Jones.

Clydie King - My Love Grows Deeper


Northern Soul said...

Time to get giddy Drew - Pilooski's Vol. 10's out - you had it ordered daint you?

drew said...

Mine's got lost in the post. Contacted RVNG at the weekend, they said that they had shipped it on 20th Jan but it has never arrived, really pissed me off as I can't wait to hear it. The guy said that he would send another, I just hope that doesn't go the same way!