Monday 22 July 2019

Monday's Long Song

Up here summer feels as if it has been and gone as I type this it is poring with rain and incredibly windy for July, it is the second week of the Glasgow Fair so we don't really expect glorious sunshine but still.

Last week when I was contemplating filing the newly acquired Complete Matrix Tapes vinyl boxset, a thing of beauty both visually and aurally by the way, the shiny silver box housing I See You, the third album by the XX caught my eye and I thought to myself "haven't heard much from them recently and I can't actually remember that album at all, must play it again" and then duly forgot it again until last Thursday night when I contemplated doing a moon themed It's Friday . . .  Let's Dance but couldn't decide between Acen's Trip To The Moon or the Orb's Supernova At The End of The Universe so in the end didn't bother my arse but did think about the great video for Gosh and decided to listen to some Jamie xx tunes and remixes.

So today's track comes out of that listening session, In 2015 Young Turk's released a white label 12" of two excellent John Talabot remixes of Loud Places one of the best tracks from Jamie xx's solo album, In Colour. The Higher Dub, the b-side was the one that I flogged to death for months but this mix, the Without Me dub is actually pretty special too.

Jamie xx - Loud Places (John Talabot's Without Me dub)

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Swiss Adam said...

Brilliant. I've been meaning to put In Colour back on recently and haven't got round to it.