Tuesday 8 January 2019


When I started this blog with the intention of giving me something to do in the wee small hours when I would be wide awake due to being on feeding duties with our second child,  who would make his first appearance in the world four days after I kicked off this thing, I wasn't sure it would last the month, never mind getting passed Leo's teething, walking, talking,  growing into the bit of a gobshite he is becoming at the moment. But ten years, bloody hell, that was never on the cards.  In recent years there have been a few occasions when it has been difficult to keep it going,  especially this last summer when I rashly decided to jack it in completely but here I am, a decade of inflicting what I believe (in my arrogant opinion as L would say), is music that "needs" to be heard, the odd piece of self-indulgent navel gazing and more than a few pointless rants on those few of you who have persevered.

Thank you.

There could only be one song really. Recently I was wondering why nobody had ever covered this and then I said to myself "don't ever tempt fate like that again".

The Pale Fountains - . . . From Across The Kitchen Table (Original)
The Pale Fountains - . . . From Across The Kitchen Table (7" version)
The Pale Fountains - . . . From Across The Kitchen Table (12" version)


Dirk said...

Drew, I am very glad that I can count myself in amongst those "few who have persevered". And I do hope there are more rants to come ... and more excellent music!

Happy birthday and keep on keeping on!

All the best,


The Swede said...

Congratulations Drew. Really glad you got through your mid-2018 wobble. Keep the tunes and rants coming. I can't help feeling that 2019 is going to be a particularly big ranting year, for all of us.

Swiss Adam said...

Nice one Drew, congratulations, keep 'em coming.

Brian said...

Ah, the song that inspired it all! So happy you’ve kept this thing going. Thanks for the laughs, the rants, the third-tier football updates and, most of all, the music. Congratulations, Drew.

Keepingitpeel said...

Here's to (hopefully) another 10 years of this blog continuing to decline.

Echorich said...

Drew it was my late night wanderings on the internet while listening to ...From Across The Kitchen Table almost 10 years ago, led me to your blog. The discovery opened my eyes, mind and ears to the work of some amazing musings and music from yourself as well as oh so many musical compatriots. But this is Ground Zero for me and I thank you kindly for keeping the beacon lit, the fires burning for music that NEEDS to be heard. All my best for the future!

JakeSniper said...

Thanks for sharing Drew and so glad you've kept going with this.

JC said...

Many happy returns Drew....looking forward to catching up with you on Saturday, as well as toasting Leo's birthday.