Friday 29 September 2017

It's Friday . . . Let's Dance

Some jazzy drum and bass for you this week courtesy of Goldie by way of a wicked Grooverider remix. Warning this track does contain a certain amount of noodling, and a trumpet or two. It takes nearly 7 minutes for the breakbeat to drop but when it does it is just perfect.  All in all a very classy track although over ten minutes doesn't outstay it's welcome. Still don't know how you would dance to it though.

In Airdrieonians news, I have to say that it's not looking good.  A two nil defeat last week to Raith Rovers sees the team sitting third from bottom, it is early in the season but it will be necessary to keep with the pack in order to ensure that they are still playing in League 1 next season. As the season goes on Airdrie may find it difficult as their isn't the strength and depth in the squad that they have had in previous seasons. Therefore even at this stage a home win against Queen's Park, who are struggling also and sitting one place below the Diamonds in the league, is essential. We can but hope. Some good news is that they now have a full time coach, in the shape of Stevie Findlay who previously coached the under 20s squad so knows a lot of the players already.

Goldie - Believe (Grooverider mix)


Brian said...

Hopefully JC didn't rib you too much with that loss last week. This is the week your lads turn it around.

Swiss Adam said...

Was never that into Goldie but this is good.

C'mon the Diamonds.

Swiss Adam said...