Wednesday 27 September 2017

Get Off The Road

I appear to be having a problem with Wednesday's when it comes to this blog. I seen to have run out of steam by the middle of the week these days.

So when all else fails post a track by the Cramps. Get Off the Road is the final track from A Date With Elvis  and b-side on the 12" version of What's Inside A Girl. and finds Ivy taking over vocal duties on what  I always thought would make a great theme to a trash fifties film about a female biker gang and after a little bit of googling it turns out that it  was on the soundtrack to a film not a fifties movie but one from 1969 entitled "She- Devils On Wheels" directed by Herschell Gordon Lewis, an American "Splatter" filmmaker. I am not familiar with Herschell's oeuvre but from what I've just read it sounds as though this sort of thing would be regular viewing for Lux and Ivy.

The Cramps - Get Off The Road


The Swede said...

You can't go far wrong by posting The Cramps Drew - splendid stuff.

Swiss Adam said...

You can never have too much Cramps.

Brian said...

When all else fails, post a track by the Cramps.
This should be the mantra for all bloggers.

Ste said...

Still one of my favourite bands.