Friday 25 August 2017

It's Friday . . . Let's Dance

In the week that has seen the return of the KLF after their twenty three year self imposed hiatus I thought that we should re-visit what it was that got us all on board Drummond and Cauty's Ice Cream Van to begin with. Yes,  they will be remembered and rightly hailed as geniuses for the performance at the Brit Awards and the dumping of the sheep at an after show party, be castigated for the burning of one million quid in notes on Jura and the many other memorable events that they staged. But you can't get away from the fact that not only did the invent two genres of dance music, Ambient and Stadium House they also released some of the best pop records of the 1990s and Doctorin' The Tardis, which for me is right up there with Pump Up The Jam in the pish record stakes.

I have opted for the first of the "pure trance" records What Time Is Love?, which in a later incarnation, albeit in a much more radio friendly form would get to number 5 in the charts. In 1988 there weren't very many records that sounded like  What Time Is Love or sounded so powerful when dropped at just the right time in a club or the middle of a field.

We are on week 4 of the Scottish League Division 1 season and Airdrie are doing a lot better than I feared we would be during the pre-season League Cup games. They have won one , drawn one and lost another.  The Diamonds are in a precarious financial position after the Chairmen, one year into his three year plan decided he didn't really fancy pouring his money into a football club and withdrew funding. Our Manager who to be honest with you wasn't that great anyway and no great loss decided to bail too and then the volunteer coach who replaced him followed suit. So at the moment we are coach less with a much reduced squad,  most of whom and I'm not exaggerating here will be twenty one day. The club have also had to sell their best player, Andy Ryan the other week, much to Leo's dismay but let's hope getting in enough money that those of us who bought a season ticket didn't do so in vain.

Anyway, onwards and upwards as they say. This Saturday we host Alloa Athletic who are also sitting on four points at present. As long as we win more than we lose this season and stay afloat I think most of us will be happy. If any of you  dear readers feel like lighting a candle to Saint Jude for Airdrionians please feel free, it can't hurt. At the end of next month we have to take on JCs beloved Raith Rovers for the first time in this campaign and I am not looking forward to thhat one.

Have a good weekend people.

KLF - What Time Is Love?


Charity Chic said...

A stuck on classic

Swiss Adam said...

Have you heard the Badger Kull stuff? Its on soundcloud. I'm undecided

drew said...

Just listened SA. Not for me that.

Echorich said...

The original and Live At Land Of Oz mixes are unparalleled. The menace of the original can stick with you for hours....a great homage to John Carpenter!