Tuesday 29 August 2017

I Ain't No Miracle Worker.

No this isn't that total fud David Davis' theme tune although if it weren't for the fact that it would ruin the song for me it would be quite apt for him to adopt it. Maybe someone else could write one entitled "We're Getting Fuck All But At Least We've Taken Back Control, perhaps Morrissey. But I digress.

I Ain't No No Miracle Worker was the second single by The Brogues and was supposed to cash in on the local success of the band from Merced,  California's first single Someday. It was co-written by Anette Tucker (responsible for writing I Had Too Much To Dream Last Night) and Nancie Nantz. The single was recorded at Sunset Recorders in LA and released on the local Challenge Records label in November 1965 and like so many local garage and soul records before and after them failed to do the business nationally and was the final release by the band, as similarly to other Garage bands the group disbanded when two of their members were conscripted to the military and were sent to Vietnam.  This is one of my absolute favourite releases in the genre. I love the fuzzed up lead guitar and the strong soulful vocal performance from Gary Cole. The song was also recorded by The Great Scots shortly afterwards and then a few years later by The Chocolate Watch Band but this is the definitive version.

The Brogues - I Ain't No Miracle Worker


George said...

Maybe this song is more appropriate for that complete idiot Davi

(More than useless by Resilient K)

C said...

Perfect tune!