Monday 16 May 2016

What More Could A Boy Ask For?

Today's slab of top quality soul comes courtesy of the Spinners, or if you are in the UK the Detroit Spinners, so as not to confuse them with the Liverpudlian folk group best known for In My Liverpool Home which I have memories of seeing more than once in my childhood on the telly for some strange reason. But I digress.

The Spinners that we are concerned with hail from Michigan and have been active since 1954, although until 1961 they were known as the Domingoes. They were originally on Harvey Fuqua's (Berry Gordy's brother in law) Tri Phi Records and in 1964 joined the  Motown roster. What More Could A Boy Ask For was written by Fuqua and Johnny Bristol and was recorded by the vocal group in 1965. The track, like many others picked up by the northern scene was never released as a single by Motown but appeared on a few albums.  It eventually got an official release on 7" as part of 2013's the Motown 7s Box collated by Richard Searling.

The Spinners are still touring although there is only one original member left standing, Henry Fambrough

The Spinners - What More Could A Boy Ask For

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Brian said...

I'm not sure the Spinners are remembered much for their '60s output. You have proven that's a real shame.