Tuesday 17 May 2016

Somebody To Love

I spent a most agreeable evening yesterday at the Excelsior with the boys and Stiff watching Caldervale High and St Andrews compete for the oldest Schools football cup in the world, the Airdrie Schools Cup. Caldervale won the match 3 -2, in a game that was better than many I witnessed this season, with none of the cynicism of the professional game. It was a joy to watch,.

Anyway back to the music, how about some Psychedelic soul from Barbara and Ernie? this cover of the Jefferson Airplane hit, White Rabbit was one of nine tracks from the duo's sole LP, Prelude To . . . , a lost gem as far as I'm concerned released in 1971. The pairing of Barbara Massey. a backing singer for the likes of Jimi Hendrix and Herbie Hancock and Ernie Calabria an acclaimed Jazz guitarist resulted in an album that changes genres from soul, to folk and a little bit of Latin thrown in for good measure. It was released on the Atlantic subsidiary Cotillion and duly bombed probably why there was no follow up. This would be right up your alley if you have any interest in late 60s early 70s, funk, soul or psych.

Barbara and Ernie - Somebody To Love

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JC said...

Just to say......you know your stuff mate.

No matter how obscure or obstuse the singer(s) or bands, you tell us things that none, or at laest very few of us, knew,

Appreciated. Always. Even when the musis isn't down my street...