Sunday 10 August 2014

Mellow Sunday

Back from a rather relaxing week in Machrihanish. We only had one real shitty day weather wise which was a lot better than expected. There was an absolutely beautifully weird sky after the day of unrelenting rain which I didn't exactly capture in the photo above as it was taken on my phone,  being a numpty I had left the camera sitting on the desk of my office last Saturday.

In other news, which you probably already know Neil Pennycook has sadly decided to kill off Meursault. Posted is Meursault's cover of Poor Old Christopher Robin originally by Paws.Taken from the gut wrenchingly bleak in parts but gorgeous album "The Organ Grinder's Monkey. The crowd funded album is still available here and if you don't already own a copy you really should give yourself a shake and rectify the situation immediately.

Meursault - Poor Old Christopher Robin

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Unknown said...

Another of my favourite bands Drew, Gutted they have split, a "Small stretch of land" currently heading my 30 odd funeral songs