Friday 29 August 2014

It's Friday . . . Let's Dance

There has been a lot of Weatherall action over at the Bagging Area this week so I hope that I'm not stepping on Adam's toes here by posting this tune but I had it down for today after digging it out and playing it and it's companion piece about three times on the bounce last Friday night, I was in that kind of mood.

I think that we are all agreed that from his first remix of the Happy Mondays in 1989 until the end of 1993 Weatherall could do no wrong. After this time although I still bought anything that had his name tagged on to it I wasn't really digging everything that he did, I really didn't like the mix of Nowhere by Therapy, actually thinking about it now that is the only one I can think of at the moment. I was going to add the Two Lone Swordsman mixes of Texas but after listening to them earlier they are not quite as bad as I remembered, well as the saying goes "you can't make a silk purse out of a sow's ear".

Everything Grooves pt 2  does exactly what it says in the title, it grooves along nicely for over ten minutes and is up there with some of the bearded one's best reinventions, long, laid back and dubby not really one for dancing to, although it is not impossible. Part 2 is probably the lesser known of the two mixes as it was only available on a promo double pack 12" whereas part 1 which has been posted before was available on the Ground Level 12", it's the version with that cracking  wah wah guitar breakdown part way through.

This weekend I will be praying to the gods of football that we can get a home win, as at the moment we are back to where we were at this time last season,  bottom of the league with nil points!

Have a good weekend people.

Stereo MC's - Everything Grooves (Part 2)


Swiss Adam said...

Good choice Drew. As for football... don't even mention it. Our experimental 3-5-2 system will see us getting beaten by Burnley tomorrow

Anonymous said...

agree with your 89-93 Weatherall assessment and that this is a great groove