Monday 7 April 2014

Hank Sample

Hank is not the kind of name that I would associate with soul  and when I first came across this single I had to think twice as to whether to take a punt on it. When I got it home I was glad that I did there is a mid tempo King Floyd penned track with some great brass stabs but it is the ballad on the other side that I play the most, there is something about the quiver in Hank's voice that grabs me. The lyrics are all about Hank giving his all and being under appreciated in his eyes anyway, nothing ground breaking there but it has something that has me picking it out of the box and giving it an airing on a regular basis.

It transpires, after a little research on the excellent "Sir Shambling's Deep Soul Heaven" that Hank had dabbled in many aspects of the music bis.  Production with the Fabulettes. Singing not only as a solo artist but also as a member of the Enticers and the Jades. He also had a stake in a few record labels in New Orleans. But his main thing was as a dj in the Big Easy.

Still don't think that Hank is a soulie type name though.

Hank Sample - You're Being Unfair To Me


george said...

What a belting track. Absolutely superb.

drew said...

It is a good un, isn't it.