Monday 28 April 2014

Down The Block

I know absolutely nothing about the Rainbows and after consultation with the world wide web I'm still none the wiser. What I do know that this is a perfect example of the girl-group sound from the mid sixties. Very of it's time which is no bad thing in my book. It may have been released in 1966 on the Dot label but I can't be 100% sure as mine's is a promo copy. And that's your whack.

I'm beginning to think that I must have been a right bad bastard in a previous life. Firstly my phone fell out of my pocket yesterday and smashed . Then our evening out in Glasgow was curtailed by a right dodgy stomach which had nothing to do with dinner as it started before we even got to the restaurant meaning that we were back in the hotel by 8pm and spent the night watching the A-Team. And when I thought that it could get any worse I got home yesterday afternoon fired up the stereo and in the middle of the best album of the year so far (more of which later in the week) my lovely vintage Technics amp purchased only a fortnight ago decided to pop a channel!

The Rainbows - Down The Block


george said...

Watching the A-team in the hotel? Would it be cruel to say that it makes you sound like a right "auld bastard"?

drew said...


Yes George it would be cruel, factually correct I fear but cruel none the less.

george said...

Well, this particular "auld bastard" (or "deaf old shit" as someone not too far from me calls me) likes today's song.