Saturday 29 March 2014

The Duplettes

I have been getting more stuff through for review recently than before which is strange as that is not what the blog is all about and I have never sought out stuff from people. I do feel guilty that most of the time I don't give the stuff a chance maybe click on the email and as soon as I see the words "Hey Bill" I click delete, or "we just love your blog how about featuring these guys who we think will be the next One Direction". Sometimes I do get round to following the soundcloud links and more often than not it is not the sort of thing that would fit here.

One sure fire way to get me to click on the link is to have "ettes" at the end of your name. Last week a guy called Jim sent me an email which started

"Hi Drew

We are an acoustic duo called the Duplettes from East London playing a mixture of Soul and Americana"

This did pique my interest somewhat, not only had he gotten my name right and therefore had read at least something on the blog but he had "ettes" in his duo's name and dropped in the word Soul. The mixture of Soul and Amercana also intrigued me, was I going to get covers of Grandaddy or Lampchop in a soul styling or  I've Been Loving You Too Long ala Ryan Adams. So I clicked on the link and was quite pleasantly surprised, lovely, soulful  vocals backed by acoustic guitar. Just the thing for a Monday morning when procrastinating.

I decided to delve further, listening to the rest of the forthcoming ep and then a visit to their website where the Soul/Americana thing fell into place with a rather good rendition of my favourite Kings of Leon track.

The ep is to be released on 8th April and can be streamed here  and if you like what you hear you can pre-order it from here . Below is the cover of A Beautiful War.

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dickvandyke said...

Thanks for sharing that Drew (Bill). Golden syrup of a voice. Well wurf fighting for.