Friday 31 January 2014

It's Friday . . . Let's Dance. To The Fall???

Surely not.

Oh yes.

But at least MES never said "there's always been an element of  dance music in our sound" He may have done recently but nobody would have noticed as he is all but incoherent apart from the expletives these days.

Have a good weekend people. And wrap up warm,  I think it's going to be a cold one.

The Fall - Touch Sensitive (Dance mix)


Erik Bartlam said...

Good...maybe this will stop me from listening to Paintwork for the 150th time like, this week.

it's been like a sickness.

Swiss Adam said...

Great tune, good looking girl, good work.

Swiss Adam said...

Did you sort out your problems with your WordPress site? Mine has stopped importing just goes round in circles

drew said...

Mine's does the same. I was importing them manually but it has been over a month since I did so.

Is that you EF?

Erik Bartlam said...

It is me.

I've got a new public blog that actually updates in people's blog roll now.

Had to set up new profile.