Monday 27 January 2014

How Times Have Changed

I have heard stories that Oscar nominated tune Happy by Pharrell Williams has been getting plays in the main room at northern nights in the UK and is going down a storm. This would seem to be backed up by the prices copies of the 7" are going for on ebay, north of 60 quid! I feel rather smug that I paid £7  for mine which I think is about right, I would probably have gone to a tenner but not much more.

The irony of the fact that tunes like that by Pharrell Williams and Tribute by Bob Sinclar are being embraced by the rare soul fraternity when he was met with death threats and a "Levine Must Go" campaign when he tried to introduce new music and then his own "tailor made" recordings can't be lost on Ian Levine.

Here is his first venture into production with a track he wrote based on a fictitious title of a Bob Relf track, released in 1975 and crossed over to reach number 31 in the UK singles chart. I love the opening lines of this song "I got the price of a Ford, looking for a Rolls Royce"

The Exciters - Reaching For The Best

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