Friday 12 June 2020

It's Friday . . . Let's Dance

Jesus, what a fucking week! 

I seem to have been saying that with greater despondency for what seems like forever. It really is quite incredible that any of us have managed to cling on to any shreds of normality when just about everything has been turned upside down,  inside out or just changed irrevocably. 

Music seems to be the only constant at the moment and there is nothing more constant than the series that refuses to go gentle into that good night. This has been posted before but it is such a joyous interpretation of a classic Stevie Wonder song that I think it deserves to be blasted out loud tonight. From way back in 1992 when I would buy anything on Guerilla or Cowboy expecting some throbbing progressive house monster. I was quite surprised when I put RODEO 9 on the turntable, a bit more housey than the usual fare but no less brilliant.

Stay safe and have a good weekend people.

Secret Life - As Always (Gospel mix)

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