Friday 29 May 2020

It's Friday . . . Let's Dance

I will never fathom why, Summer Dreams the best track from Skream's debut album was left off of the vinyl version and I must admit I was vexed at the time and still slightly peeved that I have to dig into the cupboard to play it. Small inconvenience for a track this good I know but still these are the petty things I used to fixate upon before the days of a global pandemic and living in a country run by an elite that seem to be intent in killing off all of those that can't contribute to adding to their wealth and if a few of those are killed off too so be it as there are plenty more willing to doff the cap and do as they say, as long as fast food restaurants are open and the Premier League continues to make money for Russian Oligarchs, American Billionaires and Middle Eastern Royalty.

Have a good weekend and stay safe people

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