Tuesday 15 November 2016

Part Time Rockstar, Full Time Legend

Stiff and I spent a rather life affirming couple of hours in the company of a few hundred like minded people on Sunday night listening to the music and stories of Pete Wylie and his latest incarnation of The Mighty Wah. It was a bit of a nostalgia fest, sentimental in parts, a lot like preaching to the converted at other points but sometimes you need to be reminded of the past in order to focus on the here and now. And as an added bonus,  for a change Stiff and I weren't the two old gits in the corner.

Pete Wylie - Four Eleven Forty Four


Echorich said...

One of my Rock and Roll Heroes!

Swiss Adam said...

Sounds good

Brian said...

Completely understand that last sentence. Getting old is getting old, especially if you continue to follow new music and like to go to shows. This is a night I would have enjoyed. Cheers!