Wednesday 9 November 2016

Aw Fuck, No!

America, I hoped that you were better than that!

At least the brickies will be happy.

Time to stock up on the dried and tinned goods I would suggest.

KLF - America No More

The Housemartins - Heaven Help Us All


Charity Chic said...

The nightmare scenario
I fear for the planet
Armagideon Times

Charity Chic said...

There are fuckwits and then there are total fuckwits

drew said...

that there are CC.

Anonymous said...

I give him a year. Tops.

George said...

Looks like we're in for some interesting times, Drew.

JTFL said...

I apologize to the whole wide world on behalf of the USA. Can't remember anything this nationally embarrassing in my lifetime.

Swiss Adam said...

Not much to say is there other than to blow out through your cheeks, shrug, and go Fuckfuckfuckfuckfuckfuckfuckfuckfuckfuckfuckfuckfuckfuckfuck. Fuck.

Echorich said...

No words, some fears, trying to have hope, realizing nothing has even begun to happen yet. Fear and anger elected Donald Trump, fear and anger is needed to strengthen the opposition to his agenda. Our major parties are in tatters, our political system, even with all the check and balances that the Democracy fearing forefathers built into our Federal and Constituional system, has been hijacked by one of the "factions" they thought the Electoral College could counter. A lot is up for grabs and more than just the USA will feel the effects.

Maria said...

LOL. It is awesome news. No TPP, No Obamacare, Controlled immigration.
The media and the democrat criminal organization is so deceptive, and good for nothing you useful-idiots.