Saturday 12 November 2016

A Weekend for Quiet Reflection, I Think.

I am trying to calm down, get some perspective and find something positive about the week's goings on. Bugger the American election results, did you see the Scotland performance last night? Still tennis is our national sport anyway.

Along with Leonard Cohen I think that I will be mostly playing records with a low bpm count this weekend.

A few years ago I posted the a-side of today's track and dismissed this track as "ambient noodling" to which Ctel disagreed stating that it was a great track and I have to admit that Ctel is correct and I was wrong, it is a very good track.

Holmes & McMillan - Total Toxic Tranquility


Swiss Adam said...

Scotland must be poor if England beat them 3-0.
BTW, my brother works for adidas. He designed your pink kit. True story.

Tune is great.

Charity Chic said...

Your brother has a lot to answer for SA
Scotland are poor but England were no great shakes either.
They did however take 3 of the 4 chances they had

drew said...

I don't mind the pink shirt. Poor they were shit. In comparison the diamonds were on fire today in a cracking game against Brechin. The most entertaining match I've watched in a while.

Jake Sniper said...

that was a nice way to ease my fuzzy head into Sunday morning, thanks

Anonymous said...

I love that track but that pink kit...why?

JC said...

If you think the pink kit is bad, you should cast your eyes on its predecessor

Had forgotten that lower league football was on in Scotland at the weekend, thanks to our game being postponed to accommodate a cup tie. Good signs from the new gaffer Drew???

Anonymous said...

He did that one too JC.
Swiss Adam

Unknown said...

Check this out Drew

drew said...

Cheers for that Anthony.

Best game I've watched in a long time JC. Brechin are a dirty shower.

drew said...

Anthony, had to order that, not often Airdrie and Coatbridge are mentioned in a novel.