Monday 4 April 2016

You Can Do It

Here's the track that I was originally going to post by Kim Weston last week.Smokey Robinson and Ivy Jo Hunter will never win any awards for the lyrics of You Can Do It but who cares what the words are when they are so sublimely sung. With the unmistakable sound of the Funk brothers backing, why this was never released is unfathomable. It first came to light on the Kim Weston Anthology cd released in 2005 and finally made it to vinyl two years ago when it was included in the Richard Searling compiled Motown 7s Box - Rare and Unreleased Vinyl Volume II. Worth the wait I'm sure you will agree.

Kim Weston - You Can Do It


The Swede said...

You're right, average lyrics, but wonderfully put across. A great sound.

Brian said...

Rather enjoyed this one, Drew.